Detail from

A small painting project where I attempt to paint small details from seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes using Winsor and Newton Artisan oil paints.

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Detail from “Three peaches on a stone ledge with a Painted Lady butterfly” by Adriaen Coorte, c. 1693-1695

Detail from “Basket of Flowers” by Balthasar van der Ast, c. 1622

Detail from “Still Life with Cheeses” by Floris Claesz van Dijck, c. 1615

Detail from “Still life with cheese and fruit” by Nicolaes Gillis, c. 1611

Detail from “Still Life with Grapes in a Porcelain Bowl” by Franz Godin

Detail from “Still Life with Flowers” by Ambrosius Bosschaert, 1617

Moorea Hall 2018 - Utrecht, The Netherlands