The Barstow School    |    2007-2009                                                                                            
Blue Valley North High School    |    2009-2011              
Vassar College    |    2011-2015

University of Amsterdam    |    2015-2017


B.A. (Vassar)    |    2015
Art History and Italian
M.A. (University of Amsterdam)    |    2017
Technical Art History


Vassar Scholarship    |    2011-2014

Nora Ann Wallace ’73 Scholarship    |    2014-2015

Vassar Maguire Fellowship for Graduate Study Abroad    |    2015-2016

Vassar Maguire Fellowship renewal    |    2016-2017

GWO Scholarship from the Dutch Institute for Art History in Florence    |    2017

Scholarship from the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome    |    2017

University Prizes

Frances Daly Fergusson Art Prize    |    2015

Weitzel Barber Art Travel Prize    |    2015

Amsterdam University Fund Travel Grant    |    2017


Liu, Ping, Moorea Hall-Aquitania, Erma Hermens, and Roger Groves. “Mapping the opacity of paint layers in paintings with coloured grounds using optical coherence tomography” Conference paper for SPIE O3A: Optics for Art, Architecture, and Archaeology, Munich, Vol. 10331 (2017).


English, Italian, Dutch, French (reading)
English, Italian, Dutch (spoken)

Internships and Field Work

Collections Intern at the Kansas City Union Station    |    2013

Research Assistant for Art Authority    |    2013

Image Rights and Reproductions Intern at the Seattle Art Museum    |    2014 

Technical Art History Intern at the Rijksmuseum for
“Coloured Grounds: Visualizing Rubens’s Preparatory Layers" project    |    2016

Technical Art History Intern at the Rijksmuseum, Sources and Reconstructions    |    2017


Digital Specialist and Registrar’s Assistant    |    2011-2013
Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center

Research Assistant to Professor Andrew Tallon, Mapping Gothic France    |    2012-2013
Vassar College

Research Assistant to Professor Yvonne Elet, Villa Madama    |    2014-2015
Vassar College

Student assistant for TAH Microscopy course    |    2017
University of Amsterdam

CEO and founder    |    2017-present
Moorea Hall Technical Art History

Data specialist for Girl in the Spotlight project    |    2018
Mauritshuis, The Hague                                                                             

Moorea Hall 2018 - Utrecht, The Netherlands